C. Bradley Patton, Esq.

San Diego criminal attorney C. Bradley Patton, Esq. has over 39 years of experience in criminal law defense.

In addition to maintaining his private practice, Mr. Patton serves on the Board of Directors for the San Diego Criminal Defense Bar Association. He has been an active member of the Criminal Defense Lawyers Club since 1988. Mr. Patton is a past member of the Board of Directors of the North County Bar Association and a founding panel member of the North County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service. In 1990, Mr. Patton was appointed to serve the California State Bar Committee on Professional Responsibilities and Conduct. Since 1990, Mr. Patton has been a chapter author for the Criminal Law and Procedure Manual published by the California Continuing Education of the State Bar.




  • Trial Lawyer of the Year, Criminal Defense Bar Association of San Diego (2014)
  • Lifetime Member, Strathmore’s Who’s Who
  • Professional of the Year, Strathmore’s Who’s Who (2012)
  • E. Stanley Conant Award, Defender Programs of San Diego (2011)
  • Top Attorney’s in San Diego, NY Times (2011)
  • Trial Attorney of the Year, Criminal Defense Bar Association of San Diego (2004)
  • Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year, Criminal Defense Bar Association of San Diego (1988)
  • Lawyer of The Year, North San Diego County Bar Association (1988)
  • Super LawyersThomson Reuters (2008-2012)



  • “Hot Tips from the Experts: Opening Statements/Closing Arguments,” North County Bar Association (Feb 1995)
  • “Ethics for the Real World,” San Diego County Bar Association (Nov 1994)
  • “Ethics – The New Rules of Professional Conduct,” North County Bar Association (Jan 1993)
  • “Child Abuse Accommodation Syndrome,” FORUM (Jan/Feb 1988)
  • “Second Annual DUI Mock Trail,” Century City Bar Association (Sept 1995)
  • “Bar and the Press,” San Diego Legion Lex (Mar 1996)
  • Chapter 5, “Right to Counsel,” and Chapter 18, “Professional Responsibilities,” “California Criminal Law Procedure and Practice” (Co-author)


  • Founder, Law Offices of C. Bradley Patton (1999-present)
  • Partner, Fletcher & Patton (1978-99)
  • Attorney, Defender Inc. (1976-78)
  • Research Attorney, San Diego Superior Court (1975-76)