Criminal Record Expungement

The California Penal Code provides a means by which people who have successfully completed probation to petition the court to expunge their conviction by having their plea of guilty set aside and case dismissed. The Penal Code also provides a mechanism which allows individuals on probation who have completed all terms of their probation to petition the court to terminate their probation early and expunge their conviction.

Expunging a felony or misdemeanor conviction from your record can greatly enhance your employment prospects and career opportunities.

There are important exceptions to the right to seek an expungement. An individual seeking an expungement must comply with and fulfill all terms of their probation. An expungement candidate must have also been given a grant of probation by the court and not sentenced to state prison.

For those individuals paroled from prison who are seeking to clear their criminal records, other avenues such as a Certificate of Rehabilitation (.pdf) and Executive Pardon from the Governor’s Office (.pdf) must be pursued.

The Penal Code also provides relief for individuals who were falsely or unlawfully arrested. APetition for Factual Finding of Innocence (.pdf) can be filed with the arresting police department and the court to have the arrest record sealed and destroyed.

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